who are you foolin'
who do you think you are
playing god is not a game
too much of too many to think
think of yourself
no think of the others
why do things have to end
why do things have to end when you do not want them to
pain keeps you awake
even though you cannot see
focus is lost just as your thoughts
you have everything
you should be the happiest man on earth
she said
why aren't you
don't know?
when shut up and walk away until you do
i said...


Η ευτυχία

Η ευτυχία είναι μια ηλιαχτίδα...
Όταν αγγίζει μια καλή καρδιά,
σαν το φως που συγκλίνει στον καθρέφτη,
αντανακλάται με τη διπλάσια λάμψη.
Γίνεται τέλεια μόνο όταν τη μοιράζεσαι....